Natalie R. Westenskow

Natalie R. Westenskow is a devoted wife, mother, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and talented designer who has been deemed Makeover Queen” for her brilliantly innate ability to transform both people and spaces with her restorative enterprise. She loves spending time with family, immersing herself in a good book, and shopping for good deals.

Creator of The Makeover for Takeover Experience Program for women and young girls, Natalie has transformed the lives of hundreds of women and youth by revealing the true origins of beauty, igniting their ability to recognize the value in others, and cultivating a mindset to live a life of purpose and self-worth, while respecting the authentic beauty within. She has taught the program within The Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida after school system, Seminole County Public Schools summer program, and continues to teach it throughout Central Florida. Natalie is currently in the early development stages of creating a similar program catered to boys and young men.


With years of experience in Interior Styling services, Natalie has established NRW Designs specializing in inspired custom décor services for both corporations and individuals. She has served clients ranging from ambitious college students, stay-at-home moms, entrepreneurs, and CEOs of corporations. Her unique ability to listen to the needs of the client, identify intricate details of their unspoken liking's, and create a space that could only be imagined make her a rare commodity in the decorating sphere.  





Currently, working to obtain her realtors license, Natalie hopes to someday expand her influence with the ability to provide housing for women in transition.